Angel~Ascended Master Readings & Art for the Spirit

What do the Angels  & Ascended Masters wish for you to know?

Angel / Divine guidance readings  are uniquely different for each person. They may help you to move in new directions, gain clarity, heal , open to compassion, understand more of your true nature , connect with a loved one, instill faith, infuse you with unconditional love and help you re-connect with your heart while instilling inner peace.


Divine Guidance is a whisper,  a wisdom, a direct message, a knowledge that comes from  Divine Source , the infinite source of infinite possibility.

Spirit readings are a  healing for your Soul,  and are suggested to those who are searching for insight, direction and purpose.

Carylanne is a highly attuned Intuitive , vessel for healing, teacher of spirituality & ancient wisdom, a clear and present channel. Her deep connection to Spirit, sensitive nature and  intuitive gifts  enable her to receive specific messages/dialogue from the Angels ,  Spirit , Divine source on the behalf of others highest good and channel this information for you.

Through this Divine Guidance, Carylanne supports individuals to connect with their Intuition and open to their” Divine Design” to live a joyful and abundant life.

  Angel  & Ascended Master Readings Everyone has a guardian angel. It is said the guardian angel is ever before the throne of grace for each and every soul. In my understanding the angels are speaking and guiding us on behalf of the Creator / Mother Father God/ Christ & Spirit.

At the age of 2  I had a fall and cracked my head open and I went up and  this is my first encounter meeting the Christ and his Angels. I have since then, always and to this day feel the presence of angels around myself and others.

The readings begin in prayer for the individual and souls highest good. Pure messages ,guidance and inspiration from the Archangels, Ascended Master and  Angelic realm come through.This supports you to  get to know your angels and spirit guides, earn the names of your angels and guardians and gain valuable awareness on how to bring them into your life more fully. Our angels are always with us awaiting our requests.

“Ask And you shall receive knock and the door will be opened to you”

In preparation, take a bit of time to sit quietly and ask to open to receiving that which is for your highest good physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and energetically  and let Spirit do the rest.

30- 45-60-75 minute Sessions  $60-$150

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Angel Essence Portraits

Angel Essence portraits are one of a kind and created specifically for you to connect with your angelic essence and allow greater communication with the angels in your life.

Guided by Spirit and the Angelic realm, CWS channels specific prayers. Colors and young living essential oils are chosen for you and your health & healing, Spiritual & personal growth and or whatever you wish to receive help or support for in your life.

The canvases are wood and fabric, the paints are acrylic and the essential oils are Young Living therapeutic grade.

Prints of this healing Angel are available and may be mailed out to your friends and family. Each print is blessed and prayed over for the person who is receiving the Angel print   5X7 & 8×10  $15 & $25 each



To paraphrase the great philosopher Lao Tzu

“You have to take the first step to begin any journey”

Every work of Spirit & Angel Essence art is created specifically for each individuals Soul Journey to inspire, heal, awaken, bring Light & awareness to your Spirit.

Light & color are vibration and may initiate an awakening to one’s true self, inspire healing, joy, open a portal of transformation & possibility so one may fulfill the desires of their heart and see themselves through the eyes of Love , the eyes of Creator.

Guided by Spirit, Carylanne Willow Spirit begins with a prayer, the calling in of Divine love & light, healing energy. She intuitively selects essential oils ( vibrational healing) and they are added into the paint. She connects to Source, the individual’s Soul, meditates for the highest good and colors, shapes, pictures appear, this all leading to your Divine creation.

I would love to support you on your journey, You may set up your free consultation for your personal Angel Essence/Spirit art, and reading by calling Carylanne at 757-729-2716

“To me, Art is Light~ Beauty~ Love~ Inspiration~ Expression of the Creator within~ ~Possibility~Joy














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