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Let’s Dream Big December 21st 2017

LETS DREAM BiG~ 2018  The year of Infinite possibility and creativity to  Be your Best Self, Shine your Light and Live your Dream~

A powerful & Unique meditation experience which supports you to connect with the Infinite field of possibility

and harness your inner  power to co- create the most wildy successful & abundant life of your dreams and fulfillment of your purpose.


These powerful  and deep meditation experiences, exercises and group affirmations combined with the power of intentional thought are geared to support you to open your heart & to hear and discover what Spirit/ the Universe has for you to direct your energy and life for your highest and greatest potential and abundant joy..

When we connect with the Quantum fiield ( the field of possibilities) magic and miracles take place and we can live and co-create our daily lives, moment to moment.

Design your Destiny~

Live with Passion & Purpose~

Be Conscious~

Live in Love & Be of Service

Discover and “Live the Life “Spirit/Universe intends for you.


When 2 or more gather the presence of Spirit is there.

Lets gather together and combine our hearts, the power of intention,  thought and Spirit in this group energy setting to truly magnetize and create this energetic experience access the field of possibility & consciously  create the best year of our lives.

We will be using breathing techniques, meditation and essential oils to clear the pathway to Spirit ( our Source)

Share Ideas ,intentions and inspiration~

Activate new thought and be the amazing Creators of our Life.


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We look forward to Dreaming Big with you~


Wells Therapeutics  319 Edwin Drive Virginia Beach VA 23462

December 21 2017  ( The Winter Solstice)

7-9 pm

investment $25