Welcome ~

It is my honor to  meet you, to inspire & to make a positive loving impact on people’s lives~

In the words of Dr Wayne Dyer ” Being in-Spirit is a direction we take, rather than a destination to be reached. To live in-Spirit is your ultimate calling”

What do you love about the life you are living?  What Lights you up?

Are you ready to live in joy, well-being and vitality?

Are you ready to live from your true  & authentic self and  to express who you really are?

Would you like to tap into your innate creativity, pulse and strength?

Are you ready to activate your own natural healing process for physical , mental & emotional well-being?

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed by life’s demands?

“Believe you can and you are halfway there”.  Theodore Roosevelt


it is my honor to be of service and  to support you. I use my innate gifts of intuition in everything  I  do. I am happy to guide you in defining  short and long term goals, gaining confidence and taking action to achieve them.

As a holistic energy medicine practitioner, I combine Life coaching / spiritual mentoring with sound universal guidance and practical solutions . The Blending of  Life Coaching with modalities such as: Reiki,  hypnotherapy meditation & mindfulness, aromatherapy/essential oils, guided visualization, energy treatments  with the power of positive thought, intention, faith, hope & LOVE manifest into amazing lasting change

Each moment opens a new door of awareness & the opportunity for you to gain clarity & focus ~to confidently move through life transitions, challenges &  change as they arise and move forward into your highest potential health, abundance and happiness.

“You have all the resources within you and around you to do all you need and want to do in every moment, You are unlimited, Breathe & Believe in yourself.”


Carylanne  listens deeply,

asks powerful questions,

provides encouragement & Inspiration,

trusts in the power of light,

guides you forward  to live a life you love.


What I offer to you is myself,   a comprehensive holistic approach to wellness, I treats the “whole” person addressing ( body, heart, mind & Spirit) so you may create harmony & prosperity in you  personal life, work life and spiritual life .


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It is my honor to support you to live and love well , to create a lasting path of joy, prosperity & well being  .



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Virginia Beach, VA  757-729-2716