About Me

Let me introduce myself,  I am Carylanne

I am so happy you have found your way to me & are open to step  on a journey of self discovery  & Inspiration of well being for body mind heart & spirit.

I  believe love heals~

At an early age, I had a sense there was something more, something untapped, undefined yet very real. For me it is Spirit, many names one source. Creator ,God,Divine Mind ,Universe, Christ, Great & Holy Spirit. Spirit is in all things and lives within us & we are a part of the Creator.  On my journey which is ever evolving  I now know, I am one with the source that created me & in nature, I am  renewed, regenerated and made whole once more.  I experienced an awakening  at 26, what some refer to as( nde) that exquisitely changed my life .I became awake, I began to notice and experience synchronistic events that led me  to seek spiritual teachings and to discover my true self and express her to the world.

We are all unique and yet share the same thread of inter connectedness to life to the Universe. Living an authentic life , being our true self is who we came here to be, we all have unique talents gifts and joys to share with the world.


It was through my own personal struggle , gift  really, of anxiety and depression that I sought out holistic health and healing approaches, this led me on a fascinating journey to discover who I really am and to know what I truly wanted to do with my life.  I had the good fortune to work with a Reiki Master Teacher and through her amazing care/treatments and ongoing support, coupled with meditation, dietary changes and Spiritual connection,  I was able to get off all the medications and anti-depressants I was taking. I also found a new strength, confidence and understanding of who I am , a vessel for Spirit. and this is how I re-awakened to my gifts of seeing, healing, intuition and channeling.

A few things that totally changed my life are meditation, nature,my spiritual connection , angels, living in Christ consciousness, reiki and natural healing remedies . I am forever grateful and I utilize my intuition and spiritual gifts in all I do. I believe their are many paths that lead to the one source and supporting others to connect with their heart, source  & spirit is truly my honor.

  Growing up in New York was wonderful and in 1993, I had the good fortune to move to Virginia Beach  which is where my formal,  professional holistic health & healing, spiritual teaching and wellness training began. The first stop,  the Cayce-Reilly School of  Massotherapy which prompted me to re-direct my life and focus on my Spiritual journey, meditation, health & healing and  continue evolving in to my true self. This included a daily spiritual practice, meditation, walks in nature, mindfulness and a self-care regimen. Training with several Usui  Reiki Master teachers, teachers of meditation and Energy Medicine practitioners from 1996 to 2013, gaining wisdom, practice and knowledge supported an awakening and remembrance of my  innate  Intuitive gifts .

In 1995, I became an ordained minister. I studied Raindrop technique at the Reilly School of Massage in 2001. Spiritual mentoring came next and then through a lucid dream I was guided to become Certified in Hypnotherapiy at the Genesis School of Hypnotherapy in 2002. The hypnosis training led to a love of teaching & channeling guided meditation and this is an ongoing  love and a beautiful part of my health & healing practice.  I studied Body Memory Recall with founder and teacher Jonathan Tripodi from 1998-2001. I began to understand the mind body connection on a deep level and My interest & training in essential oils and aromatherapy  began . Young Living oils play an integral role in all the treatments I provide and my interest soars to new heights everyday. Next came crystals, herbs, color therapy and stones. i became a licensed esthetician at the Chrysum Institute in 2006. In 2011, another great life path opened the study and practice of Shamanism began  and is ongoing. In 2015, I became ordained with the order of Melchizedek . Presently I am studying and practicing different forms of prayer, meditation, Christ consciousness, and ways to stay in balance.

After years of extensive training, I now offers an array of holistic healing modalities dedicated to supporting others to personally succeed in life and  love while creating a depth of well being, radiant health, joy, balance, financial freedom and spiritual fulfillment.

Services include:   life coach, intuitive healer, reiki master, spiritual mentor, educator, meditation instructor, ordained minister, inspired speaker, hypnotherapist, teacher and practitioner of the renowned Raindrop technique,  licensed esthetician, Young Living consultant & practitioner. Angel / Spirit readings, sacred ceremonies.

As a Spiritual Lifestyle Coach, I confidently provides clients with sound insight & encouragement to gain a greater understanding about themselves, what influences their choices and most important ways to create and live an ideal life.  Her integrative approach supports individuals to awaken and live in their true, authentic self with purpose, to overcome obstacles, find peace & balance within,gain  the tools to gracefully walk through life transitions, initiate positive change, create a firm foundation for ongoing self-care, open their heart,  and live an abundant, healthy, joyful  life.

I am delighted to support individuals and am well known for having a highly intuitive nature , “getting to the heart of the matter “, spiritual life coaching, healing hands, guided meditations , energy treatments & transformative seminars.

Carylanne’s  bouyancy, deep faith in people, and commitment to doing spirit’s will assists her clients in fulfilling life-long dreams…all leading to the creation of an authentic, healthy, prosperous lifestyle.

Carylanne is available for private sessions, group mentoring,corporate mindfulness training,marital blessings, phone appointments, online skype interactions, seminars, speaking engagements and conferences.

“Carylanne sees and brings out the best in people”