Welcome !

I am so glad you have found your way to me.

It is my honor to inspire & to make a positive loving impact on people’s lives~

It is within us all  to

Live Well~ Love Well ~ Be Well

to live an inspired life of well~ being.




Would you like vitality , joy , peace and a real sense of well-being in your life?

are you ready to activate your own natural healing process for physical , mental & emotional well-being?

are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed by life’s demands?

are you ready to live from the heart?


I use my intuition in everything  I Do.

All the treatments I offer are personalized to suit your needs and highest good. I combine Spiritual mentoring /Life coaching with Reiki, Eft, hypnotherapy & essential energy treatments .

You are supported to gain clarity & focus ~

to confidently moving through life transitions, personal growth opportunities ~

release chronic pain & accumulated stress~

experience a greater sense of inner peace & personal strength~

inspired to let go, overcome  obstacles and open your heart~

Practice the Pause~

Live true  to your heart and Spirit~

Gain self & soul esteem~

Realize your highest potential~

Create time for joy, peace , creativity and relaxation in your life~

Open to new Possibilities & perceptions~

Foster healthy relationships~


“You have everything within you to do all you need and want to do in every moment, Believe in yourself.”


Carylanne  listens deeply,

asks powerful questions,

provides on going encouragement & Inspiration,

guides you forward  to live a life you love.

She draws on  22 years of training and professional experience in spiritual practices, holistic health & healing.



Carylanne offers direct guidance, she treats the whole person addressing ( body, heart, mind & Spirit) so you may create harmony & prosperity in you  personal life, work life and spiritual life .

At this time we are all in a space of evolving, letting go, moving forward and moving more deeply into living true to heart and soul.

10885037_10152936303941030_5057674219437954625_n live in moment




It is my goal to support you to live and love well to create a lasting path of well being ,  to live life fully & joyously .



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Virginia Beach, VA  757-729-2716