Welcome !

i am so glad you have found your way to me.

It is my honor to make a positive ,loving impact on people’s lives~


Would you like vitality , joy , peace and a real sense of well-being in your life?

are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed by life’s demands?


My  services and treatments provide essential support and ongoing encouragement  during life transition/personal growth and change. Energy Treatments  offer renewal and repair, they are uplifting, rejuvenating while installing relaxation and stress reduction.


Create a self care plan~

Live true  to your heart and Spirit~

Gain stamina ,clarity and vitality to live well day to day~

Be inspired to live your authentic life~

Create time for joy, peace and relaxation in your life~

Open to new Possibilities & perceptions~

Overcome obstacles~

“You have everything within you to do all you need and want to do in every moment, Believe in yourself.”


Carylanne  listens deeply,

asks powerful questions,

provides on going encouragement & Inspiration,

guides you forward  to live a life you love.

Carylanne offers direct guidance, she treats the whole person, there is no separation between your personal life, work life and spiritual life.

At this time we are all in a space of evolving, letting go, moving forward and moving more deeply into living true to heart and soul.




Healthy Relationships~

Spirituality~Authentic Living~

Self Love~Self acceptance

Stress Reduction~Inner Peace

Evolution~Self Realization



It is my goal to support you to create a lasting path of well being , love and  to live joyously .



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Virginia Beach, VA  757-729-2716